baby steps & running shoes

FINALLY, after 3 weeks of trying cereal with Lucy, she is pushing it to the back of her mouth ! She is able to eat a lot more than a tablespoon, and I don't have to wipe it all off her face, put it back in her mouth, and take a good 5+ minutes to eat all of it. We will start with a veggie this week. I'm hoping to meet up with a friend to steam, puree,  freeze a good amount for our babies.

Luke got me a new pair of running shoes!Which means I need to start running again for real? At least I have a new pair of workout shoes at least. As gross as this is, I never thought about it until a few years ago on Oprah that wearing the same shoes you work out in is NOT acceptable to wear around anywhere else. That's actually gross. Especially if you have sweaty feet-stinky or not. In high school and college, we had shoes that we played in. But I did no other working out other than with the team. Then in basketball league since then I've had shoes to play in, but I didn't work out in them. Anyways, just know when you see me that I didn't work out in the same shoes I'm wearing . I got my last pair before the Mini marathon in 2010. I'm sure I put the mileage on it recommended before getting another pair. I wore these today for some cardio & I love them too! Landon hasn't had a pair of tennishoes since around the spring. We were just going to let him wear his dress shoes and
flip flops until the fall. But we hit an awesome sale at Swag's--on accident really. We were drinking coffee at McDonald's & letting the kids play, and we saw the line wrapped around the building, all the boxes stacked, and realized what was going on. We bought mine and Landon's for almost 1/2 of what I paid for just my running shoes last year. YAY!


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