Thanksgiving week!

We've been so busy this past week, and are gearing up for an even busier Thanksgiving week! Thankfully this year, Luke's Thanksgiving day off doesn't count as one of his regular 2 days off--yes, that happened last year. We're going to try to put our lights up outside on Tuesday while he is off, if it's not raining, before it gets cold on Thursday. I think we might also go ahead and make a few pumpkin pies that night too =) We watched Throwdown with bobby Flay tonight that had Pioneer Woman on it {http://thepioneerwoman.com}, and we are thinking of making her mashed potatoes this year! Amanda and Elyssa will be here late Wednesday night. And with her recipe, you can actually make them ahead of time, and then finish them on Thanksgiving!  So maybe they will be up for trying it Wednesday night!We haven't decided yet, but they looked SO good :
We also need to make a carrot souffle to take to the Howell Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if we will do that early, or just wait until Thursday morning. Luke also has some cheeseballs to make! YUM, I'm starving. And our turkey in the fridge thawing right now--my dad will work on that when they get in town Thursday. Hopefully it will be ready, and we won't have to add an extra water thaw that morning.

My Thanksgiving morning will not be including the 5mile Boulevard Bolt that I had wanted so badly to walk. Walking is just NOT happeneing these days--well,for more than a few minutes at a time.

On Friday, Luke is opening at his store. I won't be doing any shopping this year. BUT  will be putting up the Christmas tree! Since we moved things from the new baby room up to the bonus room, we can't put the smaller tree in front of the window upstairs. =( We might find somewhere else to stick it though! Hopefully I will have some help from the parents or Elyssa, or at least someone can keep Landon occupied for me.
Luke is off again on Saturday, and Amanda and Elyssa will still be here. So we plan on going to Opryland Hotel to see the lights. I've heard the inside looks better than ever since the flood. We're SO excited to go!

Of course the week will be over by then, but next week is full of fun things as well: 28 week Dr. visit ( and ultrasound) ,the dentist ( yes, I just went 2 times in the past month already), Landon turning TWO & celebrating with a pool party at the Y!

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