28 weeks and growing

Today was the 28 week appointment for baby Lucy. We had an ultrasound first to check-up on her bowels. They are able to digest more things now(the blood that was causing them to be bright white), and are looking great. So no complications from the bowels! They measured everything else that I'm assuming would be a red flag from the 2 vessel cord. Everything looks good and healthy, but she is measuring about 2 weeks behind. She seems to be tiny like her brother. Part of this ,my Dr. said, is because Landon was a small baby also, so she will probably be smaller, and when you have the cord issue, there are some cases where it does cause the baby to not get all the nutrients it needs to grow fully. She is right at the 21% right now for 28 weeks, and I remember that Landon was around 40% when we had a late ultrasound. And he ended up being 5 pound 10 ounces. So it seems she will be teeny tiny.

We finally got to see her face too! I took a picture of this one with my phone. I'll have to scan it later on because it is a good picture of her. She said that since I'll most likely be back a few more times, she will try to get one again without her hand over her face.

She is a VERY active baby, and as long as she is still moving, she is doing good. We will have another ultrasound (or a few) to make sure that her growth does not stop at any point. I didn't really ask where we go from there, because I'm assuming we would deliver. I didn't ask either what the chances still are of going VBAC, because I know he isn't going to induce after my previous c-section, and I'm just going to go ahead and guess we will take her early, and it will be a c-section. We go back in 3 weeks, and I will have more questions ready then. Not that I didn't have questions ready--I was just in shock  from my weight gain, that they were consoling me with Kleenexes, and assuring me that my weight and my baby are fine =) What a start to a gloomy, cold, rainy day! 
I'm not going to worry about the weight, it seems no matter what or how you go about it, your body gains what it gains. And really, you can't control it. I knew it was part of it when I signed up for baby #2, and there are plenty of people who would gladly gain 50 pounds if they had the chance to conceive.So if I'm a fatty again, I'll just be a fatty. And at least now I know WHAT I need to do to get rid of it! Even if it means training for another half marathon ( ugh, not what I want to think about right now!) I might as well take full advantage of leaving my kids in the Y for 2 hours a day by getting in a good workout, showering, and getting ready alone without worrying about a crying child. I'll bask in the 2 weeks of nothingness after I have her, and hopefully get to walking with her on the track & letting Landon play in the Y nursery.

On another note, we got our tree up this week. We're not putting the 2nd one upstairs. We have moved the guest bed up there by the window where the tree usually sits. I tried to convince Luke to put it in our room, but I know that means I have to put it up and take it down. And.....I'll pass this year!

4 days until Landon's 2nd birthday!!!!!

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