The first full week in June =)

Luke normally can't take any vacation during the Spring or Summer. But he has 2 weeks left of vacation, and isn't taking 1 of them until his last possible week--BeAcH in AuGuSt! So, he wrote himself on vacation this week on the schedule, and it was ok! Once it was OK ed, there were some changes in the store--one of the ASMs got moved to Hermitage, the new ASM was suppose to come 2 weeks ago ( and just got here TODAY), but then they switched who they were transferring, moved Luke to another part of the store ( which he DOESN'T look forward to), brought in someone from Murf., and his boss is having surgery this week on his eye. But he still is able to be off until next Monday or Tuesday, and just go in and open 1 or 2 days ( which he can use later on for vacation). So on the agenda for this week:

1) Pull up the old carpet & baseboards in the living room & dining area2) Pull Landon's floor up to add to the LR and DR. * completed*3) Put down the flooring ( in the boxes in this picture). Put the baseboards back on.
4) Finish painting the guest bedroom.
5) Begin potty training! ! !
We had our first pee pee in the potty this morning! He had a wet diaper at the Y, but we drank a sippy cup of juice on the way home, and then sat down for a few minutes and went =) Since we're ripping up the floors, and he is SO fascinated with sitting in chairs right now, and he is enjoying his potty--we're going to try to put it all together. And if it takes a while, it's alright. We just both want it done by 24 months. No rush right now, but figured we'd give it a shot, because we both think he is physically ready, the rest is just TRAINING! It's like the first REAL thing we have to teach him how to do. We're just going to spend a lot of time diaperless in the house, and sit on the potty as much as we can.

6) Mow the grass! *completed* which I did this morning after a great workout, getting some extra calories off!
7) Lay out as much as possible, but hey that's EvErY week here at the Howell House!
Congrats Trish and Jack on your fabulous wedding this past weekend!
I wish we could have stayed longer at the reception, but Landon fell asleep ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Really?!?!
< The boys!

hhmmmm a constant battle with his blackberry

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