My GroWinG boy

Today was Landon's 18 month check-up. He started his life as a tiny little runt-- 5 pounds and 3 ounces being his lightest weight. He is now almost at 22 1/2 pounds! He continues to jump off of his curve a little more each time. He has spent a LOT of time under the 3%, but is now at 8% in weight. His height is 31.5 inches & his head is 18.2 inches around-- both in the 30%. He looks to be doing great in ever area--even though I was down about him not talking as much as the girls his age or slightly younger. His Dr. said with as many words as he says, he is still above most boys his age. He was also happy that Landon had used the potty at least once every day this week. He said to take full advantage of Landon being interested and enjoying sitting on it, and let him run around without a diaper on. That's exactly our plan! It might take a long while to get there, but 1 pee-pee on the potty a day is 1 less wet diaper to change!

The living room flooring is all down, and the baseboards just need to be put back on. The dining area got to a stopping point last night ALMOST at the end. Luke had to go into work and open at 5AM today, and we're not sure if we have enough to go down the hallway, or if we need to stop at the wall. We didn't originally buy it for these rooms, so that is why we aren't certain. We THINK ,as of now, there is enough. You have to factor in 10% waste, but we don't even have a full plank that we had to waste! When Luke gets off of work today, we are going to lay them all out, and see where it takes us!

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