Sweet summertime!

Summer is delicious, rain is refrshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilirating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. --John Ruskin

We had a fabulous time in Memphis last weekend. Landon enjoyed every minute, especially the pool. I'll have to steal some more pics if I see any. I only took a few:
Landon is under that splash. He loved the slide! We tried arm floaties, and he loved them!
I stole this one from Karen.

We finally got the living room and hallway floors down! Now just a few more small things to finish up with it. We didn't get the guest room painted, but we have all summer for that! And we didn't get the kitchen floor laid down during Luke's week off, but we don't think it will take too long to complete.

Landon has gone on the potty at least 1 time every day since last Monday--except Thursday, when he had a Dr appointment. And we didn't try Saturday when we were out of town. I enjoy sitting with him so much. He is a trip, and LOVES to sit on his potty. Hopefully soon, it will click that he needs to use the potty, and will be able to tell us himself!

Tomorrow is my first 'race' since the mini-marathon. It's a 5K in Nolensville. I've been just doing 3.1 a few times a week, so we will see how I do. Hopefully it won't be 106 with humidity in the AM!

I've loved this song for a while now,& still enjoy it!
Listen and enjoy.

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