Summer Summer fun

What a FUN, FULL week! We spent many hours in the pool this week with Landon and Elyssa. Elyssa can now walk on her tip toes and stay up above the water...barely =)
The water has felt wonderful! We also went to see
Shrek 3, Landon didn't make a sound the entire time. But he did fall asleep with about 30 minutes left in the movie. We went at nap time though, but he had a good time watching. We're going to try to hit up some of the free movies this summer at Providence or Green Hills. Elyssa and Landon also had fun in the sprinkler in the front yard. Ignore me yelling inthe video--Landon gets confused when he gets squirted in the face. He just stands there trying to catch his breathe instead of moving, and Elyssa had agreed to move him if he did that....and she forgot =)
We also went to get Landon's hair cut at snip-its. And no, we didn't pay the full price, we had a coupon =)We have such a HARD time seeing his hair cut, we love how he looks with long hair. His shorter hair totally changes the way he looks. It's pretty cute though, but I'm tempted just to cut it SHORT so we can mohawk it again. No, I'm not, I just can't! She thinned it out--YES, my 18 month old boy gets his hair thinned =) It's not as bushy now, has some layers, and is a little on the short side! It will grow quickly though.And it's starting to get so much blonder now from the sun!!!

After his hair cut that day, we went to Borders to get a boy potty training book =) Then we made a pitstop at Starbucks for like to get AnOtHeR coffee, and got some chocolate chip cookies to share, and then headed to play at Crockett Park. We also all went to Las Palmas once this week, and had fun ridinging in the double shopping carts at Target and Home Depot. ( The picture and video are pre-haircut). And then on Friday night my mom and sister came to pick up Elyssa. They all swam this morning while I went to go workout at the Y, then we all swam a little bit more before they headed off to the farm for the long weekend. Landon was SO tired from taking short ( 2 hour) naps this week afraid he'd miss something, and waking up at least an hour earlier than normal that he took a FOUR HOUR NAP this afternoon after they left. And he is still worn out, as he is falling all over the floor and laying on the couch right now. I need to get him in bed so he is ready for Sunday School and Church in the morning! We're ready for another FULL week, then off to Trish's wedding in Louisville over the weekend !

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