1/2 day

All 3 kids are asleep. It's been a long day!
Last night before bed we made a cake, like we had last year, and read The Night Before Kindergarten. Last year's cake was funfetti ( my favorite) and this year we tried a Duff brand Camouflage cake. I didn't pour it into the pan well enough to be a true camo, but it worked and was fun to make.
Thankfully Luke was home and able to do all of this with us.
Landon was ready to be awake this morning at 6:00 AM! I told him Mommy wasn't getting up for 30 more minutes, but he could go watch TV =)
I haven't had a daily set schedule to set my alarm for since he was 12 weeks old. I woke up every day at 5:30 AM to pump before I went to work. After that, I've just woken up to a cry or to a face IN MY FACE every morning.
Luke made muffins, we got them all dressed and ready, and we headed off to Kindergarten!
I'll add a collage from last year's picture as well.
Today was just a half day for K5-2nd grade, & the rest of the week the other kids will filter in with everyone having a full day together on Friday. The 1st grade lined up in the gym & followed their teacher to the class, then the 2nd grade lined up and followed their teacher to the class, and then it was time for the Kindergarten classes!
Of course the Headmaster then said something about this being one the of most memorable days of your child's schooling. ALMOST HAD TEARS. But Ella started squirming and screaming and Lucy sat in my lap. They called the kids up by name to line up and walk to their classroom. Of course he is by his friend alphabetically =)
He had already found his backpack hook, found his seat, and was ready to go by the time I made it down the hallway.
A few last words, pictures, and good-byes and we were out the door!
But not without a gift from the teacher:
3 hours later, and it was time for pickup.
He got into the car to tell us kindergarten WAS BORING! ALL WE DID WAS SIT AT OUR DESKS!
 Then throughout the day, he would remember and tell me one more thing he had forgotten.
He wouldn't tell me what song they sang this morning, and then before bed he was teaching Lucy 'Tootie Ta'. I'm not sure if he didn't want to tell me about the fun things since he had told me it was boring. And everyone knows you don't sing Tootie Ta sitting at a desk. =)
He's excited about a full day tomorrow ( and getting to move around some).  He is NOT excited about rest time. He has informed me that he does not have to close his eyes or sleep during rest time. He only has to lay down and relax.
Alarms are set. Lunch is packed. Uniform is out. And we are ready to do it all again!

One more picture from before we left his class =)


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