Are you serious?

Ella Ruth.
Seriously is the most awesome baby. Even though she has had a rough past few weeks, and forgotten quite a few times how to sleep from bedtime until 7AM, she is A DOR A BLE! I've been keeping up with my monthly photos of her , since I did the weekly photos during the pregnancy:
I've told most people, but the weekly photo thing was to REMIND myself that I indeed was carrying a child. I stayed in denial right up until I was waiting with Luke being prepped for surgery. I would look at the picture each week and say to Luke, " I don't REALLY look like this do I?"
Now, I'm taking monthly pictures of Ella to capture and remind me how much she is growing and changing this first year.
SHE IS NINE MONTHS OLD NOW( as of August 25)!She has learned to do SO much in like a week span. She was just a little bit late on the sitting up thing--her head is quite larger than the rest of her body. But now that she is 9 months and sitting, she immediately went to scooting, crawling backwards, propping up on 1 leg, shimmying the blanket under her to try to crawl forward, and she LOVES every second of it. She, just today, decided to pull up onto her knees. She thinks it is HILARIOUS! She is so amazed and amused by all these new things that she is capable of doing. I love to hear her laugh!
I'm sitting!

And I can fall forward on all fours.

Then I can lunge forward and face plant too!

Watch me back it up.

It's SO FUN to be up on my knees!

Peek-a-boo! I have to stick my tongue out to do almost everything ;)

Luce and Landon , look at mommy so I can snap it when Ella looks.....

Luce, Look at mommy!

Ok Lucy, let's sit up so you don't kick her head.

Keep looking at me....

YAY! All 3 looking!

I think I'll just lounge in my bed and kick my feet up.

Yep, still spitting up.  Change my sheets, mommy.
 The kids had a blast taking pictures of her--especially because they think it is so awesome to get into Ella's bed or have Ella in their bed. I love love love watching them love her.
Real 9 month photographs coming soon! I can't wait!
Someone remind me tomorrow that we NEED to lower her bed!
She is seriously getting too big.
Too fast.
For serious!


  1. Ella Ruth is an absolute doll! I am jealous of that headful of hair!! None of my babies had hair til well after a year old. She does have bright blue eyes that are quite beautiful too. I know your heart if full. :)