Oh, Ella !

“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”   Walt Disney
Pictures, pictures, pictures! I stress over this so much with the kids. I don't want to forget what they were like at every stage. They grow and change so quickly the first year. When we were pregnant with Landon Courtney Helton took some maternity pictures & his 3 month pictures.

Then we had to cancel his 6 month pictures because he had surgery. We just took some on the front porch the week after his surgery.

We were in Cincinnati for Luke's softball tournament  around the time for his 9 month pictures, so my sister took them at a park.

This bear is Maximus. He is in Landon's bed at this very moment, and Landon has this picture framed in his room.  His cousin Elyssa gave it to him at Christmas when he was 3 weeks old.

My sister took his 1 year pictures also downtown Louisville at Waterfront Park.
When Lucy came along we hadn't done maternity photos yet ( who does them before 29 weeks??!?). Her 3 month pictures were taken again by Amanda in the living room.
Luke and I just snapped a picture for her 6 month.

We moved to Louisville right around 9 months, and Aunt Amanda took some pictures up at the top of Iroquois Park.

Still not sitting, so we had to use the Boppy.


We needed something cute for her 1 year! Aunt Amanda took these as well in Louisville.

All of Ella's were on here recently, so I won't reminisce all throughout her short 9 months. BUT, Luke and I took some pictures of her last week hoping to get just ONE framable photo. For some reason, she decided to YELL and SCREAM as soon as we sat her down.  I take that back, we got TWO photos taken before she almost toppled onto her face on concrete. I yelled a little and luke stomped his boot a little. We might have scared her. Something might have bitten her. We still don't know what happened.But after that, she frantically cried. She actually cried all night until bed time    =( 
 We are not photographers. We do not know about lighting, how to pose a child, or even have an slr camera. These are too funny not to share, just don't judge our skills!

After these two, it was tears for days!

We decided to drive back towards home, see if she settled down, and maybe try a few more. She cried the ENTIRE WAY HOME. Luke decided we should try again the following day since he was off of work. She was happy all day. We got her tummy full, made a pit stop to renew my license, and then she started! Seriously. She also has a little tooth popping through. Maybe it was REALLY bothering her? When we sat her down, we got this.

Even Sophie didn't help.
We did take puffs this time so we went from this
to this within seconds. 
She was NOT a fan!



She THOUGHT about smiling at Landon & Lucy. Then they got so distracted finding acorns.

She wanted to clap, but she was just too sad!

She might have grass growing out of her head, but she almost smiled!

You think she is saying YAY or TOUCHDOWN.....

But she is trying ANYTHING to get us to pick her up! She's never done this before. haha

While it might look like she is screaming at us and has her hands tight in a fist, we aren't really sure WHAT she was doing. She has puffs in her hands, was chewing and then just opened her mouth like she was gagging--but she wasn't! There's another one with chewed up food on her tongue.

What a cutie.

Swollen, puffy, red eyes. OVER IT.
She also pooped through her last diaper that we had. So most of these she has a homemade cloth diaper consisting of her bloomers lined with a bib =) We had to make a pit stop on the way home to buy more diapers, and of course by this point she was hysterically laughing at Landon in the back seat. What a crazy girl! I think we have one that is frame worthy. If not, I'd probably still be crying because she'd be my only one without a 9 month picture on the wall. Really, I do stress out about that way too much.
Now to plan her 1 year PhotoShoot! Because in a short week and a half we will be able to say that our baby will be one NEXT MONTH!
I'm NOT ready for this.
PS: of course her headband is from Stork Bites & Angel Kisses . I was so excited when I first saw this dress. I knew it would match the gold/white flowers I had and the navy I had gotten to make some Auburn headbands! Like the facebook page if you haven't yet, and be looking this week for something super SWEET ! I'm teaming up with a BFF, and can't wait to post the final product. I've added a few new pictures recently as well, so check out the albums !

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