I know there are only about a small handful of people who read this. Look over on the right hand side of the page, scroll down a little bit, see it? It's like a little tracker, and says where someone in logged in when they get onto the page. So I know about how many different people come across the page, and how you stumbled upon it!
 Would you mind to do me a favor? Go to my facebook page for headbands : facebook.com/storkbitesandangelkisses Look at the post about a give-away and SHARE it on your page. I'm trying to get the word out a little bit more about the headbands. I've got a couple of photographers who are going to take some pictures of babies modeling some for me soon. I'm also going to give away 2 headbands on Thursday--picked from people who have shared the post.  So if you have facebook, like the page, and share the post! The 2 winners will get a free headband, any color or type they would like! Thanks and SHARE AWAY! Every little bit helps!

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