2 months?!?!

It's been 2 months since I have sat down to write. And that means the summer is almost over =( I can already feel the seasonal depression taking over, and am trying to plan as many days at Nashville Shores as I can the next week. I'm so mad it closes (except for weekends) so early! After that, we will just have to deal with the baby pool, the sprinkler, and the splash pad.
 I have been too busy with these 3 kids. I told Luke tonight we are too busy to even clean. And we are just exhausted!
I'll throw in some pictures from the summer and let you see what we have been up to!
Well, Ella turned 6 months and we got some pictures made =) Thanks Canaday Photography!
She turned 7 months!
Worked on the fire pit a little at a time( we can't find too much of that lately!)
Had some family fun around the 4th
Swam in the lake ( and caught some nasty green or blue algae something that made me throw up--story of my life the past 2.5 years.
Loved watching this little one grow up. TOO MUCH growing up!
Made some memories with my little man!
Bought color coordinating clothes for my kids and niece =)
My baby turned 8 months old? NNNOOOOO! I want her back laying on my chest warm as can be, hours old, in the hospital. =(
She is just simply adorable!  We can't get enough of her. Well, I mean, since she just started this crazy waking up at 3 AM thing, I mean, that I have had WAY more than enough of.....
And we have of course been filling as much of our time as we can at the waterpark here, we've been hanging out at the splash pad, we've gotten shaved ice, we went to the drive-in, Landon had a week of swim lessons, we've play in the sprinkler, and we've spent much time at the Y! Busy, busy, busy!
I will be back at it, and not taking off  2 months before I update again =)
One last picture:
Where did she get that adorable headband you ask? Oh, well you just need to check out my new little adventure! If you have instagram, you can follow me @storkbitesandangelkisses or you can find it on http://facebook.com/storkbitesandangelkisses

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