We are still pool-less. I'm not sure if that is the correct way to write that. But we still have no pool. We have no money set aside to buy another one. The company that instructed us to fill our pool when it was 40 degrees, which caused the liner to shrink, and caused the walls to collapse, and caused us to have no working pool is not seeming to entertain the idea (at all) that they caused our pool to be gone, leaving us with a sand pit in the backyard, and a lot of money down the drain--or down the ditch & into the scrap metal yard. ( It seems to be common knowledge that pools DO NOT get filled below 65 degrees outside OR at night, yet we got a text around 4 PM and 40 degrees saying to leave the water running to fill the pool & he'd be back to connect the top hose later).
This is our dilemma now:
This is the best I can do with my phone ( full and no memory to do much) to show the bare backyard. It's not big. But it has a 24' sand circle. And it was grated to be level, and has a drop off into the sand on the right side.
We are working on over seeding the front yard this week, but don't want to start on the back yet until we know what to do with it.
 My current obsessions on TV are 1) Flea Market Flip, 2) Rehab Addict 3) Yard Crashers. Landon had to go to bed early without dinner one night ( don't ask), and he woke up at 10 PM hungry. I fixed him a PB&J and let him watch Yard Crashers with me. He is now also obsessed. And he asks us why our yard can't be crashed.
I WISH! But we don't shop at THAT STORE ( and neither should you because when you shop at the GOOD store, your money goes to buy my kids food & pay for our house. Yes, regardless of how people say big businesses don't need your money and it just goes to corporate rich people, sales affects salary and bonuses for all employees too) that the people are picked up at. =)
We have quite a few ideas, a little money to spend on it( from our SMALL refund we have received from the cleaning part of the pool company), but are at a standstill of what to do! We need a designer, a contractor, or someone to do some pro-bono work. Or better yet, we just need some help on what the best solution to the yard would be. It either could start with a big amount of fill dirt or a skidder to level it back down or even a good amount of pavers. . .
Throw out some ideas!
Help us!

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