Our weekend

Technically, we don't have weekends in this house. Lucas has days off in the middle, beginning, or end of the week. This week , he was off on Wednesday and Friday. This worked out perfectly because I wanted to get started on our terrible, awful looking yard. It poured on Thursday, so we got a good break. The flower beds were overgrown with untrimmed bushes, trees, & weeds. The pots needed new flowers in them, and the deck needed cleaning off. We also needed ANOTHER pool guy to come check ours out. We had someone that was cleaning it out, and then during the process of filling it with water, it collapsed. So now we have to work on tearing it down =( Our AC also is finally needing to be replaced in some parts, so we had our AC guy come out one day as well. Our front flower bed has always been not so pretty or even, but with 3 bushes that had basically grown together, and a MASSIVE lantana that had turned into a massive bush itself, it seriously looks 100 times better after the work we did. If this looks 100 times better, you can imagine what it looked like!
I love new mulch! This Scott's mulch has a color guard too. I can't handle fading, ugly, old mulch either. This bush on the right was overtaken by the flower, so that is why it is quite scrawny. We also threw some gladiolus bulbs all in-between the bushes and plan to put another bush on the right to even it all out. Ignore all the paint & stain cans on the porch, oh and the rotting railing =)
The back deck! We got a new plant for one of our pots. It is a mandavino, similar to our favorite mandavilla. It grows a little wider, and not as tall. We put some yellow and white wave petunias around the base of it along with a purple and white climbing flower. Hopefully those will waterfall over the pot. We also had 3 other pots ( which I now want to paint because I'm not sure where they came from, and don't care for the bland color) that got some more gladiolus or lillies in them. They also have a wave petunias around the edges to spill over the sides. We got the toucan pillows last year along with the zebra seat cushions, so we just added two more palm and flamingo pillows
I'm not sure if they are my favorite now, but they will do! And of course the kids' bird feeders from Kids' workshop are on the deck!
We had to replace an azalea in another back bed by the house. It is an Encore and blooms 3 different ( maybe 4) seasons. We also got 2 smaller azaleas and a rhododendron for one side of the house. It is pretty bare over there.
Landon is calling for me because he wants me to nap with him.......in my bed. I might take him up on that offer since both the girls have fallen asleep!
We have a few more ideas for the spring and summer, and I'll keep updating on here as we fix it back up--including the pool!
We can't wait to grill out and swim every day that Luke is off this summer!

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