A few people have asked on my Facebook about my chalkboard that I use. This is the original item I bought for about $11 , I think.

We took it apart, thoroughly cleaned it, and used chalkboard spray paint for the mirror. You can use actual paint, and it will be much thicker. I do not think there is as much up-keep with regular paint, as I've had to re-spray it a few times. It doesn't bother me. It's about time to do it again if you've seen my latest pictures.

I bought white and the Rust-oleum Aqua color . I wasn't sure what I wanted. But we ended up using the aqua , and let a little white show through in spots.

It's finished being painted! 

Put back together and hanging on the wall. Ready for the big reveal!
I painted the chalkboard section again the next day. This was just a spur of the moment--I'm like 17 weeks pregnant & need to start telling people & don't want my baby to someday feel unwanted & I need to make this pregnancy positive --  last minute craft! =) I searched online for chalkboard tutorials & found this tutorial!

Its first debut!

And now, a quick little shot of the pregnancy (and belly) all at once ;)

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