It's been 8 years. If I had to do it all over.......we'd go to a beach, have wonderful wedding pictures with the ocean & sunset,& enjoy the day! We contemplated that idea 8 years & 2 months ago (when we got engaged), but didn't want to hear opinions & deal with family not wanting to travel. At least my Florida family would have made it . They couldn't really get out anywhere to come north due to traffic from hurricanes & my grandma had diabetes complications with her foot & was told not to fly....the week before....and my grandpa was marrying us :/ But we survived & ended up married! I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been.
I decided to try to attempt to get Luke a present from all the traditional yearly gifts. I had to get creative & make believe a little bit. His year 1--paper --was the card, and I listed all the year/gift/meanings for them inside it.  Then i put a sticker on each gift with the year/number. His cotton & leather, year 2&3, were flip flops.
Yep, a little bit of cotton & leather on there ;) I guess I skipped 4. A flower or ...I forget. Something like that? 5 is wood.
Check out the bag his other present was in.6,7,&8 I just assumed all that metal stuff was in his real present ;)
iron, copper, bronze? Yep, I bet they're in there somewhere.
Then Luke got home with a box & said that the bow was almost a bronze color. I immediately started laughing and asked him if I left his iPad up to the page I was looking the stuff up at. He couldn't understand me through my laughing, but then told me that even the inside of my card had a bronzing color on it! CrAZy boy!
The other gift for 8 years is pottery. Of course he bought me a soup cup (for coffee) to go paint at the Paint Spot & signed us up for a class next week too. ALONG with a pre-natal massage! He is thoughtful after all ;) He did good!
And I'm also SO very proud of Landon for keeping his daddy's present a secret. He did good too!
We also hit 23 weeks Wednesday in this pregnancy #3.
I'm not so sure how these pictures will show up on here because I'm using the blog app on the iPad,& I haven't done that before. Hopefully I won't have to re-arrange later on. I'm sure they are crazy big where you have to click on them to see the entire thing too. :)
Keep the prayers up. We need 2 more good weeks of no high blood pressure. We'll take 16 though, in case you didn't know. Next weekend we head to Nashville for the NICU reunion birthday party. Then I'll go back to the doctor on Monday. I wanted to get out of town again before my doctor suggests staying around-- I'd hate to feel bad going against what he says. BUT if I happen to get sick, I'd rather be AT the hospital anyways in Nashville, so we should be fine. I'll have plenty of pictures to post when we return!

2:20AM. Bad habit is back. Mommy needs her sleep to take care of 2 kids & grow #3. Good night!

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