One year ago today was the LAST time we had to go through 4 sets of doors (2 sets locked ), buzz in,& scrub in to see our ' little Lucy', as everyone called her. I had scrubbed, bleached, lysoled,& did it all over again every day for 2 weeks. I had the ' sanatize, remove shoes, no sickies, no kids ,& no touching' sign on the door.We roomed in on the 2nd & she came home the next day. We were supposed to come home 6 days prior, but she decided to stop breathing enough to be stimulated the night before,& her count started over.what a scary feeling of finally taking home your baby!
We will have some cake tomorrow -- she wasn't really eating at her birthday. I'll be sure to post pictures, if I'm ever around wifi ;)

Sweet Lu @ 7 1/2 weeks old.4lbs 9oz.3 days before going home :)

I've been increasing my workouts & long runs, only 12 weeks until the half Marathon! I've started teaching a baby swimming class this week too. Lucy has been eating like a pig lately! She goes back for a well visit mid-march. She also goes for her next hearing test mach 13th. We'll go back to Vandy for that. I didn't feel like finding a new Dr, getting her records moved, & whatever else goes with that. We also plan on heading back down the week before my half Marathon for the March of Dimes walk in Nashville. I plan on taking more baby hats at 1 of those visits, so look at the Lucy's Love page if you want to help out! I've got a handful of people volunteering their machine and time and skills!

I hate typing on my phone for this blog. That explains why I only do like once a week. SOON AND VERY SOON we will have internet again :) Honestly, it took about an HOUR to type this. My psycho phone jumps pages,clicks buttons. . . .Have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend!

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