February 3rd!

I looked back and realized that I never posted on here between the new coming home date Lucy had, and about a week after she was home. So here are a few pictures from the day we busted out of the NICU. Ok, so we didn't bust out. We were pretty scared, and probablly would have loved to take a few nurses home with us!
February 3,2011
Little sister ready to leave!

Didn't want to see these doors again! We look great after a LONG night ;)

She fit in her seat =)  I think she was about 5 pounds, pretty close to Landon's weight when he came home...at 5 days old ;)

Over $1000 in gas later, and we were HAPPY to have this cargo in the back seat!

Landon and 'Baby C'. He went from Baby doodoo (his l's were d's) ,to baby Ducy, to baby C, to FiNaLlY Baby Lucy =)

Snug as a bug! Luke wouldn't let me hold her all day  long. =( We kept up her 'cluster care' for about a week and a half, and only bothered her when she ate.

Feb 3, 2012

Lucy wasn't able to smash into her cake at her birthday, so she had fun with this one! It tasted great, and she shared with her brother and cousin.

I'll end this with a little laugh! When Lucy came home, Landon decided he'd learn to climb out of his crib. We decided we'd make it into his toddler bed.
He was SO VERY excited about his new bed!

And then he LOST IT and cried and screamed. =)

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