Lucy had speech again today, and is getting right up there where a 1 year old should be. She is finally signing a little! She signs 'more' , then immediately smiles & claps for herself. We got pretty excited and clapped and yayed a good amount the first time she did it :) We need to work on her recognizing objects more. She still doesn't point at things she wants, nor does she point at a cat or dog in a book when you ask her. She IS so close to taking that FIRST step by herself! She is so adorable when we're playing and are trying to get her to take a step. She'll stand up and drop a toy; she knows I like to hold them out in front of her to walk. She is saying, " push me, mama!" She is SO close!
I told her ST today & Luke the other day how I wished I could have seen her now while we were going through the NICU. Everyone says not to worry. In all reality, there is so much those tiny babies have to overcome! Lucy is so blessed. She is so perfect. I can't even explain my love and happiness for this girl. I am so thankful for her health.

I posted a picture a few weeks ago & a caringbridge link for baby Titus. I've been stalking them, ok I've been following and praying for them. Tonight their post says," The count down is on. One last night before heading back to Carthage with 3 Russell's. Each time Titus's loud alarm goes off tonight means we are that much closer till the morning. I think I am more nervous about driving home than I am about bringing little man home. Once home, we have been instructed by the doctors to keep strict guidelines on visitors with Titus. As much as we want to show him off to everyone, until we get through the RSV season, Titus will not come out of the house except for doctor
appointments. All care takers that will be coming over have to have A TDAP vaccine before you are allowed into the house. Titus's lungs are still undeveloped and can be a critical situation if he were to get RSV. We will let you know when the doctors will allow us to have other visitors so in the mean time I promise to keep this site going to keep everyone informed of Titus's progress. The prayers and support that we have received since November is the reason we have made it through this journey. We are forever grateful to you all. As you have prayed for us, I have prayed for you as well, thanking God daily for each of you. I hope the testimony that God has given us through Titus has strengthened and renewed your walk ours has been renewed. We serve a REAL and MERCIFUL God and Titus has been living proof of this. May God bless you all."

YAY! This made me remember something I read the other day about at home care with a preemie from the grandma of one. "And don't be afraid to e labelled a "hysterical" mom. Those who are doing the labelling don't know your realities, so they really have no idea where you are coming from."

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