My baby is growing up

Even though it has been a L O N G process, Lucy is making some progress! I fully believe that God knew exactly what he was doing when he decided that babies would develop and change so much in the first year and even first few months. The cuddly, snugly part of babyhood is great. Having a newborn isn't that bad of a gig. All they do is sleep and eat. Well, as long as you have one that sleeps good, and both of mine did. We had to wait for the go-ahead from doctors with both of mine before we quit waking them to feed them. Yes, I grow small babies. (They both left the hospital close to 5 pounds.) BUT  6+ months of caring for a child that still acts like a newborn is DRAINING! She found her feet at about 6 months, at least she then had something to play with ;)Finally after 10 1/2  months, Lucy started to sit up. As soon as she started to sit up, she began using her hands. Then she began crawling and keeps on progressing with her gross motor skills. So now ,at almost 13 months ( 10 1/2 months corrected), she is beginning to scoot around the couch holding on & letting go when she is standing up. 

The last month has been the most draining month in a while. We just need to get this little girl to eat some more real food. We're trying more table food each week with her, and having less gagging. Her OT and ST are going to watch her eat snacks on Tuesday. Her ST is going to look under her tongue because it looks weird to me, actually it looks cute. Everything about her mouth is cute and so girly.   =) She thinks she might have a tight frenulum. She is also thinking about getting her set up with an ENT to check out her allergies.
She DID decide she finally likes a sippy cup. She likes the straw the best. We have a lil' gripper from Playtex. It's a level 1, and she doesn't have to squeeze it at all with her mouth, just suck VERY lightly. She is more into water than juice. And after me being so drained, and her being 1 year old, she is now back to bottles. Yes, back to bottles. We aren't doing whole milk yet--most likely next month-- and she wasn't drinking a sippy yet. I NEVER NEVER wanted to pump at all with my 2nd baby. But it was my only choice, and I just wanted to get to only nursing. I wanted ONE thing to be normal about this birth. She just does a bottle in the morning and one in the afternoon, and hopefully we will be all sippy cup in a month!

Week one of getting ready for the half marathon is over! I ran outside today from the park down Southern Parkway & back and was FREEEEEZZIINNNGGG! I think 49 degrees is my limit for outside =)

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