Lucy is coming along!

Lucy's speech therapist & ocupational therapist will just be coming one day a month now to check up on Lucy! Now that she has started standing up & walking around things a little, she has started to babble again. She has also gotten away from all of the choking and gagging when she eats. I love not having to buy baby food! She is doing well with solids so far. Her speech therapist wasn't worried so much about her tongue anymore, and if she does have a short frenelum, then we will just watch it as her mouth grows. If it stays short, then that could cause some speech issues later on, but it is a common issue. She can say the 'd' sound and click her tongue, so it isn't affecting her right now. She still is not associating any words with what they are--bottle, paci, momma, dada. We're trying to label things ( with words ) over and over and over. One day, she will know where to look when we say, " Where is Mama?".She is doing great with her fine motor skills, so those check-ups will just be to make sure she doesn't fall behind.

At this time last year, she was 5 weeks old.
 Just gotten rid of her oxygen tube,
And was starting to try a bottle.

On the 22nd, she will be 11 months corrected age, so she is doing pretty good for where she is. She is not the same baby she was in October. She wasn't sitting up, not eating anything but baby food, not using her right hand at all, & no sounds. Can't wait to see where she is in another month!

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