Baby hats

Here is a shot of the pile of hats we took to Nashville last weekend.

And this is a picture of sweet Titus wearing one.

I don't know him or his family, but have been reading their updates. You can follow them at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/stephenrussell
(I'm in the jeep, on my phone, in the middle of nowhere between Ft. Knox & Rough River. Sorry if you have to copy & paste.). Keep them in your prayers. Christmas is draining enough as it is.

I am so so very excited to be with both of my children this year! I say this & then cry. I know too many families who are without an infant or toddler tonight or tomorrow or until they meet again in Heaven. We love you and still pray for you! We will be thinking of you & saying some extra prayers.

I can't wait to see Landon open his presents in the morning. I'm not sure if we are opening before or after church-- most likely the kiddos will be up by 8. I'll add pictures next week.

I'm starting this weekend looking for clearance Christmas books. We're going to do 1 book every day next year during Advent. Tell me if you see any really cheap. I love getting things for next season on sale, but I hate waiting to use them. Don't forget to stock up on wrapping paper!

I hope you enjoy the weekend. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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