1 year!

Happy 1 year to Lucy Emilia. December 13th!

2 pounds 8.5 ounces. 14 1/2 inches long

14 pounds 5 ounces. 25 inches long

The kids had a joint party on Saturday the 10th. Landon had all of his friends over, and we all had a great time. Friends, family, chili, cupcakes, and a lot of great presents made for a good time.
 Landon has to be the absolute BEST present opener EVER. Every time he ripped one open ( or one of the other kids ripped it open--which he did NOT care about at all), he SCREAMED out what he had got, jumped, and showed everyone.

I have felt so rushed to get so many things done before this weekend. Finally, it's almost here. Hopefully after this weekend I can breathe! It's 11:22, and I'm sitting in my parent's living room. We have no internet at our house right now. Everyone here is asleep. I'm sure everyone at my house is asleep too. When I get back, I have like 10  preemie hats left to sew. I've had the last 10 cut & pinned for a few weeks, they've just been sitting. We are heading to Nashville tomorrow. We are going to meet up with one of the nurses and take some hats to the NICU. We also have some gifts and candy and donuts for the NICU staff too. How do you re-pay someone who did your job as a mother AND made sure to keep your child alive for 8 weeks? Every time Luke and I talk about that, it's hard not to cry. They raised our little baby for almost 8 weeks, and then you just leave them =( They have plenty of other little ones to take care of, we know that, but we will continue to show love and gratitude to them as often as we can. I will post later about Lucy's first speech and OT sessions. I will also have a little video montage from Lucy's first year to post. ( get the kleenex ready). It is all complete, but I want to add one more picture of us in front of the NICU wall.

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  1. She's come such a long way from that itty bitty baby. :) Looking forward to hearing how the first ST and OT go. The ST for James made all the difference in the world. I hope you have a similar experience.