Sweet Sweet Summertime

A life without love is like a year without summer. ~Swedish Proverb

So it's not officially summer yet, but school is out. That is close enough!
I decided to ride along with my sister & niece to Orlando last week. OK, so we took my Nitro, and I drove some (for like the FIRST time I drove), but I went with them so they didn't have to go alone. We weren't planning on leaving until Saturday, but headed out Friday evening around 6pm. We drove until we were sleepy, and stayed the night in Perry, G.A. Landon ran around the hotel like crazy until 2AM, and both the kids loved eating breakfast there. :) It is a much longer trip when you are nursing a baby, but it  gave the kids chances to get out and play. We only stayed until Thursday morning,pulling out and heading back home before 6A.M.
While we were there we got to relax with family,swim, & soak up some sun.

Our cousins are just about the same age as our kiddos.

My cousin Benjamin & Landon.

There is a random jellyfish invasion on the beaches on the east coast of Florida, so we only went once. I didn't even venture down to the wet sand to see because Lucy was a little on the fussy side that day. I stayed under the umbrella with her most of the time. BUT my sister, son, and niece decided to make the best of it. In turn, they made the local Fox station. The story then went to the National Fox News, and then Good Morning America ! If are my friend on Facebook, I'm sure you've seen it. If not, here are the links!


My niece caught these.

Landon on cloud 9 with his Great Uncle Tim & Aunt Becky

Lucy with her Great Aunt Becky

I hear my parents might be heading back down in July, maybe we can hitch a ride then too. ;)

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