Wow. I'm trying to balance celebrating her, and not getting too emotional about this being my last baby. I'm so happy she is thriving and growing, but I want to snuggle with a baby for a little bit longer! I'm glad she is a little bit behind so I can still have a little baby around =) She is currently 10 pounds and 5 ounces. She is 22 and 7/8 inches long, and I forget what her head is. I DO know that her head is on the growth chart!!!5th%! That is funny to me because Landon's head just recently got above the 5%. With her corrected age, she would be about 20% in weight & 50% in height--a place that Landon is still not at. This little girlie has some potential to pass him up. Everything is going great with her health and development, and we will be starting some cereal in about a month, shortly followed by baby food. She goes back for another hearing test in a few months, and she will continue those 1-2 times per year until she is 3 years old. She did have a little issue with some *skin* growing together--an issue that we hadn't dealt with from having a boy, and hadn't really ever heard of it. It is common though, and for now we will just put Vaseline on her once a day. If the adhesion doesn't clear up, then there is a hormone cream they can put on her. Gross. Look it up if you want to though,I guess we learn something new everyday. We will not have to go back to the Dr. for a well visit until she is 9 months old. I hope the next 3 months are VERY slow, and that we can take the time to enjoy both of these kids!

Don't you think these sweet little ears need to be pierced?

We never made birth announcements. I was really really bummed that we didn't get the 'normal' hospital pictures, I love all the ones at Baptist. I certainly was in no shape to be sending out pictures of my baby with cords and wires and tape and tubes. By the time she was discharged and almost 2 months old, I figured it was too late--everyone already knew.I have been trying to figure out what picture I can at least take up to the NICU, Dr. W, and Dr. M. So I had a coupon for some free cards that printed on my receipt at Target, and came up with this! I love it =)
Stationery card
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  1. The whole preemie thing definitely has its benefits with the snuggling factor. yes, I didn't get to hold James a whole lot the first month of his life because of all of the tubes and wires, BUT with him being a little 'behind.' He is 9 months old and STILL loves being held. My friends with 9 month old babies can't keep their babies still long enough to hold because of crawling. He'll crawl soon enough, but I am loving the EXTRA time holding and snuggling. :) glad Lucy is growing and doing well!

  2. Thanks! Does he crawl yet? Lucy is rolling to her belly, then forgets how to get back to her back and cries & screams!