If I die young....

A few weeks ago this song came on, so I decided to talk 'funerals'. I had never brought this subject up before. You always hear that story of the couple where one passes away, and they think it's so ironic that they had JUST been talking about death, family, & how they wanted their funeral. No, I don't believe in jinxing things or superstitions, but that's just not something I wanted to happen. After my parents drove as quickly as they could to Nashville anticipating their daughter being dead,  after Luke and Amanda witnessed the nurses/doctors asking each other if anyone had found a pulse on me yet, and after Luke had been pulled into the hallway by Dr. W. letting him know I'd most likely have brain damage the rest of my life, I figured maybe we should discuss funerals.

I asked Luke what clothes he'd dress me in, what songs he'd have sung/played, who he would have hold the service, where the funeral would be, and where I'd be buried. He had some thoughtful answers.

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This isn't my typical running song, but I did add this to my play list when I ran in Louisville the other week. It got me over the first big hill in the park. Running gives you  plenty of time to think and clear your mind. It also gives you time to pray. I'm so thankful, especially with everything that happened, that I am still here and am able to enjoy my sweet babies. I probably won't forget any of the Dr.'s faces that I saw that day, even though I don't remember too much. I can't imagine my kiddos having to grow up without me. I know their Daddy could take care of them & love them, but I want to be able to love on them too as much as I can! The first time we took Lucy to the pediatrician after she was released, he was speechless. He told us he had read through my Dr. report again, and was just so happy things turned out the way he did. He stammered and stuttered a bit and finally got out how bad it could have gotten & we could have even lost Lucy too. I enjoy having Christian doctors. He came back to check on Lucy for the first few days, and even came in my room to see me. He came in right after all the 'excitement'. I always try to look decent when I do to Dr. appointments now, because I feel bad at what they had to look at those few days ;)

On another note, we took a family vacation to Orlando a few weeks ago. We spent Mother's day with some of  my mom's family. Here are a few pictures:

So HAPPY to be a MOMMY to these 2!

Family beach picture! (I'm still working on getting back into shape).

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