Landon has been saying some VERY crazy,funny things lately. I'm going to try to remember all of them, but I'm sure they aren't in any order.

My sister was giving him a bath last week when she was visiting. She told him she was going to wash his hair, and he screamed, " NEVERRRRRRRRRRR". This was totally unexpected. But he loves the new Disney show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". They say never a lot!

Speaking of shows............Landon is SUCH an actor! He thinks that EVERY single word he knows or has memorized from EVERY COMMERCIAL, EVERY SHOW, and EVERY MOVIE he has to say along with it. This even goes for the little ad for the company that produces it after a show ( ex:Little airplanes). Not only does he have the words memorized, he says it EXACTLY as they do. AND if it's like the old Disney "Robin Hood", and the character is being shoved into a gate by the rhino, he will run and throw himself on the couch and grab his chest. Yesterday we were out and about for a while so we put his DVD player in the car. He was watching Lady and the Tramp. We haven't watched it in quite a while. But he was getting SO into the movie yelling," NO YADY!" " COME HERE YADY!", and then even went as far as CRYING when lady got in trouble. He can fake cry so easily! Such an actor. He likes to pretend I'm fake crying so he can hug me and say, " It's OTay Mommy, it's OTay!". Wow, if you haven't spend a day with this kid lately, you're missing out. Amanda even said how much energy he had when she was here.......all day, every day.

The kid still hops ALL THE TIME. I made the mistake of telling him to hop into bed the other day.

When he is getting into trouble, and we ask him, " Do you hear me, Landon?" , he responds with "Hear me, Daddy(or mommy)." haha He doesn't know to say I hear YOU.

He can now count to 15 on his own.

He can point out to Mickey Mouse on tv which shape is a triangle and which is a circle. He's pretty good at drawing circles too. we practice a lot with bath tub crayons ;)

I also made the mistake of telling him one time when he went #2 A LOT, that it looked like a big snake. So every time he goes #2, he leans forward to see in the potty and he says " I pooped a big nake ,Mommy!!!"

He was eating some ham at lunch one day. ( He is obsessed with all and everything Toy Story) I picked up a piece and told him to eat some more ham. He then picked up each piece and called it Woody and Buzz. Then when I tried to explain he started to call his ham Elmo World.

I can't think of the rest.But he is great, and keeps us going and laughing!

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