Ready to Run

Landon got a haircut
I sent Luke with a Justin Bieber pictures =) It's pretty close to what it looked like, and it's the first time I haven't gotten upset with the cut. It looks cute styled!
No, his haircut has nothing to do with running. But it's about that time again--Derby Festival Mini Marathon.
Last year was my first 1/2 marathon, and I didn't do the BEST. But I still completed it, even with a broken foot--I don't advise training in like 7 weeks, and never running more than like 9 before it =)
This year, I am running on the Run With Purpose relay team.
I will be running to help raise awareness for what God is doing in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
I will be running to help the mission work of my friends, Will & Audrey Partin, with G.O. Ministries.  { http://www.dominican-updates.blogspot.com/ } . I believe with the relay team we are running the full marathon, with each person running a little over 5 miles. All of the runners on Run with Purpose team collect pledges per mile or single donations to help out the ministry.You might just hear more from me about this!
But now, it's nap time for Landon & Lucy will be asleep for 1 more hour. I will TRY to take advatage and sleep too.............even though I NEED a shower! Luke will be home after 2, maybe I can get one them =)

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