A few new Lucy updates

*Monday night = 2 pounds 10 & 3/4 ounces
*Tuesday night = 2 pounds 11& 1/4 ounces
*They've added 2 more calories/ounce to her milk.BM has 20 calories/ounce, and they were adding 4 extra calories per ounce, now she is at a total of 26/ounce. She is eating about 5 ounces a day still.I forgot to ask this morning how her residual has been. Monday night she still hasn't been having much.
*She had blood work Monday AM  to check some things, and it all came back good.
*She is off of the Vapotherm machine, and just oxygen plugged into the wall and still in her nose. It's an even lower flow than the 2.0 flow she had on the machine.They are still able to adjust the % of oxygen if hers saturation starts to drop.
* Luke held her for the 2nd time today, but it was a short time. Her temp. was a little low today, and she was still getting use to the oxygen difference. She has to be sitting just right on us because she isn't strong enough when it comes to breathing and keeping the lungs open; her head and body have to be just the right way.
*Landon got to see her again today. As soon as we walked into the NICU doors, he started pulling his sleeves up (and grunting because he had 2 shirts on , and it was hard) and asking to wash his hands. This was only his 2nd time, so I have NO clue how he remembered that! He had a great short visit with her. She was starting to cry when we were in there ( we haven't heard that much at all) and he enjoyed telling her not to cry and that it was ok.

Blowing kisses
 I did stop by my Dr. office for a minute today to get my BP checked, and it's much lower finally. It was 120 something over like 75. MUCH lower than 174/110. So, I'm down to 2 pills a day, back to the Dr. next monday, and then hopefully off of meds!

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