A few weeks ago, I mentioned some things that I wanted for my birthday. I basically got 2/3 from Luke. He told me to get some more maternity clothes, so I still might end up with the 3rd! But, they are actually different from what I had said I wanted =) I went to get the shoes I loved, but saw another pair. And they felt SO much better too.
{the shoes}

{the skinny jeans/pants}

I love the shoes, and I love the pants! I have tried to wear the jeans once, but they are still a bit big on my thighs and butt--which was the FIRST place to grow and get stretch marks with Landon! So, at 19 weeks and a few days, I am still in regular jeans and wearing t-shirts. I tried on my maternity jeans from Landon, and they just looked ridiculous. So do my regular shirts with my regular jeans. UGH But as Luke keeps telling me, I'd rather be in this position than way big.

I thought my last 3 mile run might have been last week, but did another one yesterday. I'm doing at least 2 of them a week, and trying for a 3rd. It just depends on when I get to the Y because of babysitting & subbing. Sometimes all of the treadmills are full. And I'm still doing 2 days of some other type of cardio. We will see how much longer it lasts!

I also have been seeing the baby move a bit today! I started feeling her right before 18 weeks, but after the ultrasound she has seriously been felt so much more. Maybe she got tired of being pushed on for half an hour! (I never felt these tiny movements with Landon becasuse the placenta was on top. I didn't even feel any movements until around 22 weeks.) Maybe Luke will get to see/feel her when he gets home today.I've felt her completely roll around; I think that is the most awkward feeling.And I feel random little punches. I'm going to drink a MASSIVE cup of orange juice before the ultrasound on the 5th, and hopefully we will see some good movement.

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