*The best muffin I've ever had*
We went to DD this morning, and I ate WAY too much! I have done so well not eating too much so far during this pregnancy( 17.5weeks, and gained 3 lbs so far). SO, I overate a little today. But I did stay at the gym a little longer tonight to make up for it..... a little =) I didn't realize how many calories I really ate, until I just looked it up. I mean, just the muffin would have been fine(using up my 300 extra for the day), but Luke tortured me and asked me if I wanted a donut after. Seriously I have had no appetite so far, but no I wake up STARVING every morning. And around 10 PM every night, I am starving again. I have a feeling the weight will be a little more when I got back for the 20 week visit!

Half-way= 20 weeks.
20 week visit= October 5th!
First is the ultrasound to measure all the body parts & organs to make sure the baby is healthy and growing correctly. And on a side note, we also get to {hopefully} see if we will have another crazy, boy or a baby girl! After the US, we head over to my Dr. to do the normal-- pee in a cup,check weight,check blood pressure, and have a 2 minute appointment. The pre-natal appointments are always SO short. I love counting down the weeks, and then it's over in 2 minutes, unless I have questions. My Dr. would sit in as long as we needed or wanted to talk. Everything has been normal so far, so they have been quick!

We do have names for a boy or girl, and a bedding picked out for a girl. We had planned on me making the quilt/comforter for either the boy or girl, and we had been several times looking at fabrics. But I saw one I absolutely LOVED, showed it to Luke, and he agreed.
It. Is. Beautiful.

outside of bumper

bed skirt

sheet and bumper

If it is a boy,we still plan on me making a valance and comforter, and we will match some sheets and bumpers.

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