Labor day weekend =)

This weekend was spent away from Luke because he had to work. And yes, retail stores are open on Labor Day, so he worked Monday too. But, it's alright because tomorrow and Thursday when everyone is getting ready for work, he will be sleeping in, and we will enjoy family time for 2 days!

We headed to Louisville Friday afternoon, so we could head to the UL UK game Saturday with the family. No, Louisville didn't win. But it was actually a great game to watch, and there were a lot of improvements from the hole Krapthorpe left the program in. It will be a long season, and a while to rebuild, but it definitely looked better in the 2nd half!

I'm not quite sure how it's possible to sleep through half of a college football game! But this is how Landon spent his first college game--out of the womb. This game 2 years ago, Landon was in my belly at about 6 months!
After the game, we headed down to the farm. We swam at the swimming area at the lake Sunday after church, ate lunch, laid out, napped, and headed back to swim at some one's house off their docks in the evening. Sunday was great. Monday morning we ate breakfast, hung out in the front yard while Elyssa and Landon played in the sprinkler and splash pad. We headed back to the dock to swim for a few hours. Landon had a great time, but after a while started yelling and crying BYE BYE, so we headed back to eat lunch, pack, and head home.

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