Not much has happened with us in the last 2 weeks ! After the marathon, I did end up going to the Dr. about my foot, and I'm in a boot right now until I go back for X-rays again next week. I take it off when I go to the Y though and cycle. I have tried the elliptical a few times. I might lose my mind soon if I can't run!

Our house was not damaged in the flood that occured last weekend. We were able to fill our pool up with all the rain though =) You'd think with over 15" of rain, the flowers and grass seed ( what didn't wash away!) wouldn't need watering for awhile, BUT 2 days later it was almost 90 degrees. The ground was dry as a bone. We don't live in Davidson County, so we weren't on a water restriction, and I have been able to turn on the hose and sprinkler for all the flowers and grass. You can search for a ton of pictures on youtube and facebook to see all of the damage, if you haven't already.

We did go out of town on Friday for my Great Uncle's funeral in Louisville
.The burial was at the church right at our farm, Cave Spring Methodist Church. All of my Great Aunt and Grandmother's family is burried there. One of the families from their home church has a house on the lake, and had the family over for lunch afterwards.We hung out at the farm for a little bit and planned on napping. Luke had been working 12+ hours all week, and knew he'd have to work a lot on Saturday--but didn't know he'd work over 14 hours. We didn't really get a good nap in=( Landon woke up from his screaming with a nasty diaper, and wouldn't go back down. So we just packed up the stuff we had, and went to eat at the River Shack. We were planning on Landon and Elyssa sharing a chicken tender meal and fries, but Landon opted for ONIONS and Amanda's cheeseburger. We stopped back at the farm to drop Amanda and Elyssa off, and then we headed back home.
It was a long weekend after that, with Luke working from like 7AM-11PM, and Mother's Day on Sunday.

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