Easter Egg hunt

Landon had his firt Easter Egg Hunt today! They had an AWESOME set up at church today, thank you all SO much! Everyting you can imagine was there--and yummy hot dogs too! We didn't get there in time to do much in the gym besides get his face painted and eat. Then it was time for the hunts. The kids were seperated in different areas outside of the church/TNU by age. He did so good picking them up, and he finally got the hang of putting them into his basket. He was just walking around with a plastic egg in each hand. Maybe he'll be good now with his cousin Elyssa tomorrow. We're going to dye some tonight--I'm so excited! We bought the regular dudley's dye, and then some gold/silver leafing type box too.I've got 3 dozen boiled,and 1 dozen left to boil. We need some for deviled eggs too! MMMMm Ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, green beans, hawaiin rolls, pasta salad= YUMMY! I'm so ready for tomorrow, it's better than ChRiStMaS! I hope Landon can grow up thinking that way too. I'll post a few pictures from this morning, then it's on the clean before the family arrives.

Half marathon news~I am up to 6 miles now. I had to get it in before the day began, so I ran on the treadmill at the Y. I hope to do 8 next weekend, 10 the next ( at the beach), then the race is the next weekend!My goal is STILL to run 8 miles....but deep inside I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to run all 13.1, with a few SHORT walks when I need to. BUT, my goal is to run 8, and more importantly TO FINISH!!!!

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