We had a wonderful long weekend trip to the beach! It was very relaxing, even with Landon. Luke let me get a lot of laying out time to get a break from my 'job' since we took it with us. And since he takes a 3 hour nap ( and it was longer from being SO worn out while we were there), Luke got to sneek in a nap each day too. On Sunday afternoon we both layed out, read, slept, and relaxed outside by the pool while Landon napped. We were on the 4th floor ( pool level), so we could lay right by our patio.I'll add a few pictures and 2 videos, but have a lot on facebook.

Daddy and his sweet little boy!
Landon and his Mommy on the beach.Sharing some superman icecream. He loved the water, and playing with his Daddy all day.

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  1. oh i love mini-vacas :) looks like you had lots of fun! :)