Catching up

I've had absolutely no motivation to get on the computer the last month. So as I'm laying in bed over this holiday weekend, and my kids are still asleep at 8:40, I'm catching up! I just looked at our calendar for this week. There have been times when I've thought I've officially joined motherhood. At least this isn't the time when my 1 year old puked on me, down my shirt, down my pants ,& all over her in the rocking chair , but this week is BUSY. Welcome to the holiday season / basketball season/ birthday season/ school program/church program ! We have a field trip, a birthday , 2 basketball practices, 2 church practices,2 nights of church program, birthday dinner out, handbells performance during church,1 school program,& and I haven't wrapped our Christmas books we open every night during advent ( tomorrow starts advent). We also have a drop & shop at church (yay!), so we will have a few hours Saturday morning to finish up presents for nieces & nephews without dragging kids along!
Lucy got her first hair cut a few weeks ago! It looks so short to me :( But it's still long enough to curl,& she loves it.

My first real trip out of the house after surgery was to the Ryman. Luke had gotten us tickets to see Phillip Phillips back in the summer , and it just happened to fall 2 weeks after surgery. Walking up steps was painful & sitting in a church pew with no leg room hurt, but it was an amazing show! 

Also that night was the episode of Nashville that I was an extra on. We shot for 4 days,& figured most of us would just be a blur in the background. This was my dress :
I watched when we got home from the Ryman. Of course I took a picture of every shot I was in :)
Time to head back to TN & get started on getting ready for next week! But not before a football game today! GO CARDS!

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