Lucy Lu

Some  Most days this little girl pushes me to my limits! She does what she wants. She completely ignores every word that comes out of my mouth. When you tell her to do something, she gives you this look
says no and then smiles at you. Over and over.
This is totally not like her brother was.

I was pretty worried that this new baby wouldn't be as special to me as Luce. I mean, I watched her grow from this
to this

in 2 short years.  I realized when I brought Ella home that I really did miss A LOT. Ella isn't even 6 weeks yet. Lucy was just getting into an open bed at this point.I was almost afraid to think about the pregnancy at all and a new baby because , heaven forbid, we go through 2 months of NICU again and something happen, I didn't want to feel a connection to her. Then I got worried that she would someday think she wasn't wanted, and that since I had been so distant with the pregnancy, it would continue when she got here. But strangely enough I'd love to never put this baby down! :) 
That leaves me with a crazy 2 year old that doesn't get enough attention from me. 
Things have shifted. 
I've gotten so frustrated with her lately. I need a few prayers with this one. I'm sure it's just the terrible twos. But I don't have energy for them most days,& I feel like I'm forcing her straight into middle child syndrome. She will someday ,hopefully, come snuggle with me and hug and kiss me when I ask her to. 

She is a handful right now.
  Hopefully soon, she will listen and obey! =) And hopefully soon, I'll quit wondering if everything she does or doesn't do stems back from me not being able to carry her past 29 weeks.
In this new year, I'll try to play with as many baby dolls, princesses, weeble wobbles ( she calls her Little People that too), pretend picnics, coloring books, and dress up as I can. Even though these first 2 years of caring for sweet Luce has taken so much out of me, I'll try to keep up just as much attention,praise and revel in every milestone she hits!

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