Baby weight

How absolutely discouraging. I felt like I kept in such good shape during this pregnancy. I ran a half marathon at 8 weeks. I was in the gym 4-5 days a week, at least 40 minutes of cardio & 2 days of free weights until close to 30 weeks. I went at least 3 days a week until 30 something weeks, and then I tapered off to NOTHING around Halloween. I thought for sure this time around I'd be that girl wearing her jeans in less than a month. When I left the hospital with Landon, I still looked 10 months pregnant:
My belly was pretty much a lot smaller this time around, and of course with Lucy I was only 29 weeks along, so it was way smaller anyways. I felt great about the belly about 2 weeks after I came home. BUT I'm pretty sure I've probably gained 5 pounds in the past month. Too many seconds, too many Christmas tree cakes, too much chocolate, too much Taco Bell,and too many snacks. 
And here we are 6 weeks later on Sunday. I'm NOT looking forward to weighing in on Monday at my 6 week check-up. I was assuming I'd lose the 20-25 pounds the first 2 weeks like I did the other 2 times. Well, we don't have a scale. I just wanted to wait and be happy at the Dr visit. So I tried on some jeans the other day because I was feeling skinny. Yeah, um. My thighs and hips are NOT ready for that =) So, I weighed myself Christmas Eve ( MISTAKE) and I had only lost about 16 pounds( I don't have any clue what my total weight gain was because it shot up in the hospital), with 14 left to go ( and then 5+ more to get to this:
*But hopefully this won't take 16 months* This was a week or 2 before my half marathon.

 That made for an emotionally terrible Christmas Eve and Morning.
 I know that most people take forever to lose weight and possibly even have way more than me to lose. I was so upset about gaining weight this time anyways( since it wasn't planned) because I had JUST gotten almost to my goal weight and back into things--hence running the half marathon at 8 weeks. I had worked up to that, and I wasn't going to quit. I only trained up to 10 and ran the 10 miler a month before the half. But I could never run more than 10 on my long run days because I as SO TIRED AND WORN OUT. That is what brought on the pregnancy test. Well, that and going to bed with massive heartburn every night. I only have heartburn THAT bad when I'm pregnant. It started EARLY.
I was just trying to do so much better with staying in shape. I told Luke that I'm not comparing myself to other people. I'm a little upset about it because I'm comparing myself to what I think I should be since I worked SO hard to stay in shape. So, I'm just going to take the number on that scale on Monday and go with it. I'll set my goal and get back into the gym when we move back! I know I can do it. I did it 2 other times, but I DO NOT want to run another half marathon right now. 
I am looking forward to trying the gym with 3 kids! I thought I'd try to start out just going at night after they go to bed, and letting Luke hang with them, I've gotten into that routine so much and grew to love the gym from 9-10PM. But I don't think some moms understand the amazingness of dropping your kids off to play and sweating for an hour and a half. I need that time to kill during the day, time to let the kids play and run and work off energy, and I need the 'me' time.
Just music and your workout. 
I'm going to lay off the snacks too.
I don't want any special diet or program.
Don't try to sell it to me.
I did it by eating less & working out before.
Hopefully the thighs and hips will melt away soon enough! 
While I'm waiting, I'll enjoy snuggling with my kids........and wearing sweats, yoga pants, and ball shorts all the time =)
I'll just blame it on this preciousness
2 years ago, I was in a lactation room, pumping for my lil babe, and watching updates on my phone for the Beef 'O Brady bowl game. Last night was much different. My 2 lil babes were asleep, Landon was watching with me & my sister, and we LOVED every minute of the SUGAR BOWL.

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  1. Girl don't be so hard on yourself. I lost the weight after the twins much easier than this time. My Doc said it gets harder with each pregnancy. You'll be back to your old self by Valentines day. Ella is a beauty.