I must have been doing something for the past month! Every time I get the computer to get on it, I don't feel like it, or it's dead and I don't feel like getting the charger, or my brain is fried, or I will have just 30 minutes until my hungry baby will start to cry & I'd rather just stay where I am and be lazy.
This boy turned 4!

We've visited Santa.

We made a gingerbrad house.

This little lady turned 2!

We made teacher gifts.

We dressed cute for Landon's pre-school program.

Looked fancy for Christmas Sunday.

Had family in town for CChristmas.

Opened presents.


Visited family.

We grew!

And we just relaxed.

All this while realizing that Jan 4th is Luke's last day at his store before we head back to middle Tennessee.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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