Where did May go?

We've been busy playing,swimming, working, planting, and growing! We've spent a few weekends at the farm helping my dad to get the garden going. He still can't push, pull, or lift due to his blood clot. Luke helped with some of the tilling, and Landon helped with some of the planting, & I helped drop a few seeds (eggplant seeds are TINY) and the little pods Landon started from home.

There are some green beans, lima beans, squash, zucchini, okra, tomatoes, eggplant,cantaloupe. watermelon, cucumbers, sweet corn,and later will have pumpkins. I also planted a row of sunflowers in the spot my dad always planted them for Amanda and me. Landon bought them for Poppy at Easter, along with some corn and watermelon seeds. Landon started some tomatoes and canteloupe at home. He was so excited to get them into the garden.

Lucy has been enjoying the sunshine as well. We have a teeny tiny baby blow up pool in the front yard that she likes to walk in and out of while Landon runs through the sprinkler. Amanda took them both up the road to the park while Elyssa's school was there for a field trip, and they loved it. Landon loves all the boys in Elyssa's class, and they run around with him like he's their little brother. Her new swimsuit is just a little too big for her, but she will be able to wear it all summer. She is growing growing! One of her 6-9 month pajamas wouldn't fit her last night, and a bubble outfit I put on her today was fitting like a onesie!

Lucy had her final speech evaluation yesterday before her 6 month evaluation, and she has gone up in all of her scores since the last test! She is testing IN HER  AGE RANGE in one category, and in her adjusted age range in the other! She was a level behind the last time. Her speech therapist feels great to dismiss her from First Steps. BUT, we also both know how hard it is to get back into the process of early intervention. 2 years is usually when you can tell much better if there is any delay. And while she is not delayed right now, and is progressing great ( she also said she has never seen a baby as early & as small as Lucy doing as well as she does in EVERY area!!!!), we are going to stay in for 6 more months. We will just do some monitoring until she is 2, in case she starts to fall behind at all.

At this time next week, hopefully I will have everything packed up and ready to go! We were hoping to get a new car by the time we left, but it looks like we might be holding off a few more weeks. Hopefully we will get a rental. The nitro needs NO more miles on it! Luke works on Friday, and then the plan is for him to come home and nap all afternoon/evening until his softball game. Then, we will all sleep a little bit until he and I are ready to go around 4 AM. Thankfully he ususally gets up at 3:30, so he is used to being up at that hour. We'll be heading towards my Grandparent's with a pit stop around breakfast at a Home Depot. Yep, it's Kids' workshop day ;) We'll spend Sunday at church and with the family before we go check into out hotel. Landon is so excited! He gets the maps out everyday and and shows us ''This is where disney is, and this is where we take the train, and it'll take like 10 minutes to get there!"
9 Days!


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