What a LONG weekend.

Time away from home is always great! It can always be stressful getting things packed, ready, and making sure the house is not a mess when you return, but it is so much fun to spend all day with Luke and Landon.

We have tried to go to Gatlinburg every fall for the past couple of years, so we went out of town last Friday. We met up with Amanda and Elyssa in Gatlinburg ,and we checked into our hotel. Everyone finally fell asleep for about a 3 hour nap --ok, Amanda, Elyssa, Luke and Landon fell asleep--before we headed out for dinner and some walking, caramel apples, rock candy, and of course Fanny Farkles.This was Elyssa's first visit, and we had REALLY talked it up to her. She seemed to have a blast!

On Saturday morning we got some breakfast in the room--the fabulous doughnuts and coffee, hot chocolate, or juice--then we got some extra clothes together, and headed to GA.We made a few stops along the way through the mountains.
1st stop was at Newfoundland Gap.
2nd stop was to walk up to Clingman's Dome(have you done that with a 6 year old & a 22 month old & a 5 month pregnant girl?) That was a long uphill 1/2 mile;Fun Times!
 3rd stop was in Cherokee, NC for lunch, and for me to change out of sweats. Clothes are STILL not comfy on me, and maternity don't really fit too well still. Once we got to Toccoa, GA, we met up with some family.

It was their college's homecoming, which means a lot of family and friends. Luke Landon got to meet some of my Mom's cousins, their kids, and some friends of ours. Landon also got to see his great grandma and grandpa Dees--he hadn't seen them since he was 11 weeks old. He got to see his Great Aunt Libby and Great Uncle Bill, and some of my cousins too. We had a nice lunch at my Great Aunts house, and watched the AL football game =(  At the end of the night, we drove over to see the Falls before we headed back to Gatlinburg. Landon and Elyssa were wiped out from playing all day, and slept the entire way.

Sunday was another packed day, starting with another breakfast of doughnuts! Elyssa had some make-up school work to finish, and Luke had some phone calls to make with work. We headed out for a little walking around before meeting up with my parents back at the hotel. We made our way to the Apple Barn to eat for the afternoon, looked around the Christmas Place ( YAY!!!), then headed  back to walk around Gatlinburg, ride the trolley, and hit the bed LATE AGAIN.

On our last morning, we hit up the pancake pantry, packed our rooms up, and headed to the craftsmen village for a little bit.We made a pit stop at Chick Fil A, then headed back to Nashville!

Landon loves his poppy!

Vacations seem to get more and more busy!
But it's nice to get away from the house, and enjoy new scenery for a while.

If only I knew how stressful life would be the next week...
time to potty train, straight to undies!

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