*Vacation* (updated)

We are leaving Friday morning to head to Gatlinburg! We're meeting Elyssa & Amanda sometime in the morning, my parents are dropping them off as they head to Toccoa  for their college homecoming. Elyssa has never been, and we're trying to get her pumped up about it! The last time she was supposed to go was in December about 5 years ago. Luke's dad had a stroke an hour or so before we pulled out, so we cancelled that year. Landon and her are just excited to hang out all weekend. My parents will drive back through Sunday morning, and are staying at the same hotel as us that night. We're planning on Apple Barn dinner with the fam Sunday night, and of course Pancake Pantry Monday morning before heading home later in the afternoon.
Luke and I have gone the past 2 years around this time, so we're making it our Fall trip tradition. We also went right after we got married, and have taken a pic at the Gatlinburg entrance sign. But I have also taken a picture the past 2 years that I must do again this year.
{30 weeks pregnant with Landon}
{Landon 10 months old}
{New picture!Landon 22 months, and me almost21 weeks pregnant}

I can't wait to take one next year with Landon & an 8 month old =) We're so ready to leave the house for a few days since Luke has been working SO much. Inventory is finally over. That means him working until 2 am, and getting back to work at 5 am is over! That means working 14 hour days for the month of September is over! That means we finally get to see him every day! AND that means I can get some help with his massive piles of laundry, and leave Landon at home if I need to get out.

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