We left early Sunday morning to head to Panama City Beach. Landon and Elyssa rode with my parents, we figured they'd sleep for a few hours. But they were awake before 5 AM, and didn't fall asleep at all! Luke, Amanda, and I rode together in the Nitro. We wanted to get there in enough time to lay out and swim and enjoy the beach on Sunday, but we were all starved and went to Panera as soon as we got there. We did enjoy the pool and beach a little that day, but it was getting stormy. We stayed in a 3 bedroom 3 bath condo where we have stayed the last few times we have vacationed there. My parents had a large bedroom with a large window facing the ocean, and Luke and I had a smaller bedroom facing the street--but it had a large closet for Landon's pack n play! We ended up with a lock-out, so Amanda and Elyssa got the separate room with a balcony as well. Elyssa got her own pull out couch bed, so Amanda got her own King bed.
My favorite part of vacation has to be sleeping in a comfy, king bed. Everyone says how they can't wait to sleep in their own bed. BUT NOT ME! I never want to leave, and did shed some tears this time when pulling out.
The only negative about this trip was the june grass. It smelled like rotten corn, and was pretty gross when you got a big whiff. Evident ally it just came the few days before we got there, and as we were leaving it was getting pretty clear. It didn't stop us ( everyone but Luke) from going out and swimming in the beautiful Ocean. You only had to walk a few steps through it before it was crystal clear. I even found some spots where you could walk through none. Landon loved swimming in the ocean with his arm floaties.

This was Landon's 3rd time at this condo, and he really enjoyed the pool the most. He found a new favorite part of it: the shower!

We stayed until Friday morning, and Amanda flew out Thursday morning. We planned on checking out Friday morning, then spending a few hours at the pool. Of course, it was rainy and stormy Friday morning. About the time we needed to head out, it got sunny and beautiful.
We made one quick stop for lunch at Pineapple Willy's to enjoy the sunshine and beach for a few minutes, and get one more picture before we left.

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