A few things. . .

{Some new Pumas}
My pink Nike shocks and my other pink shoes have been worn out , and have grass stains on them from cutting it. That only leaves me with my running shoes--which are for running and working out.
{maternity skinny jeans}
I was looking at websites ( a pea in the pod, pickles and ice cream...), and i can't believe people will pay the same amount of $ for a double stroller as they will for a pair of jeans they will wear for like 6 months! So, Motherhood Maternity $34 skinny jeans will work for me. But this picture is of the jeans that were close to $200. And yes, my regular jeans still fit me perfectly fine for now =) But i know it will happen sooner or later!
{pink terry hoodie}
I need something pink to cover the belly.To match the shoes.

My birthday is in about 20 days if you feel like spending some money. =)
Baby update:


  1. I can't do skinny jeans now.. can't imagine as a pregnant person.. whoa.

  2. Haha, yes you can. Have you tried any? I can't fit into Express pants ( thank you Landon for hips that don't match my leg size), but I hear they make people LIKE skinny jeans! I got some at Old Navy, then I lost more weight, and they aren't so 'skinny'. NOW, at this point when I was preg with Landon, my hips, thighs, butt were MASSIVE, but I'm good so far. I will try them at least!