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I've been posting on social media about the Kendra Scott fundraiser event that we are helping out with. As you know,we were this year's Ambassador Family for the March for Babies ( I will post an update on that later in the week).

Lauren at March of Dimes asked us if we would also be the Ambassador Family for their amazing Signature Chefs Auction in September. We happily said yes!
One of their donors for the auction--Kendra Scott-- mentioned that they wanted to provide me with some jewelry to wear to the event, so we all met up at the Kendra Scott in Green Hills one day this summer. I thought I was just picking out some jewelry to wear, and then I'd hand it back over. After they discussed the auction and details for some other events, the fabulous Marissa showed me all around the store. The summer line is full of BEACHY designs --shells, coral, bright summer colors, and everything I love about summer. I also love big earrings. So, of course, I loved the Aviana Statement earrings and found the Candice cuff bracelet as well.
And then I was completely shocked when Marissa said she'd just go ahead and put them in a bag for me to take home! Amazing. Y'all , in 2016 this company gave back over $3.5M and donated more than 75,000 pieces of jewelry to 3,500 local and national organizations. This is philanthropy.

So how does this tie into a fundraiser? Great question , thanks for asking! While we were at the store we discussed our family hosting a Kendra Gives Back event at the store. Everyone knows how much the NICU and March of Dimes is connected to our family. I'm sure you get tired of hearing about it. ;) But we know just how fortunate we were in our journey, and we know every story is not like ours. I've made it part of our mission to do everything we can to ensure families don't have to go through what so many have had to do. So, we decided that we would host a #kendragivesback event. We pick a date, invite friends, show up for some drinks and snacks and shopping , and Kendra Scott gives back 20% of purchases to the March of Dimes Tennessee chapter. Easy peasy . Oh but I forgot one more thing. Lucy got to go to the store and design a piece that will be on sale that night also! She absolutely was in heaven. She would have sat at the color bar all day long. Since her piece will be a special featured necklace, I tried to sway her away from the necklace she wanted to pattern with blue, turquoise, red, and pink stones.

Lucy did a fabulous job designing a piece, and Marissa said we could just go ahead and do 2 pieces-- a long and a short necklace.

This is the shorter one. It is SO pretty. If you were to go to the color Bar and design this yourself, it is The Mabel necklace in gold with iridescent drusy. Now since her little eyes fell in love with the iridescent drusy versus just a color stone, it added a few dollars onto this design.  It is pulled back on her and on the shortest link ( the website says it is a 16" chain with 2" extender). This design is $60. 
And then of course she wanted that drusy again on the longer one, but also just loves the rose quartz. She is obsessed with the color rose quartz now.
If you were to make one like this at the color bar, it is the  Tomon y-necklace in gold with rose quartz and iridescent drusy. It is a sliding adjustable length, and the middle piece drops 5".This one is $85. I'm adding a photo of me wearing this one,  and please ignore my facial expression. I was just trying to get a photo of my earrings, cuff, and this necklace as I was running out the door to church. Saturday was a long, hard day; I clearly need more sleep or better concealer. But, it's all for the babies ;)
So , what can you do? Come see us on August 16th between 6 & 8 pm! We will be at the Green Hills Kendra Scott, raising some money for the babies! You can purchase one of Lucy's personal designs. And if your wallet isn't as big as this 6 year old's taste, you can design your own piece or shop for something else. There is something for every girl in your life, even nail polish. The fall line is coming out this week also, and it is all inspired by Italy.

 If you can't make it to the store, you can still help. You can call the store anytime during the day ( preferably 6-8 PM CST), and you can place an order. 20% of EVERYTHING purchased during those hours at the store will be given to March of Dimes.
The event will be Lucy themed and she will be thrilled to see you there!
 Feel free to just stop in and say hello.

And thank you to Kendra Scott for giving back and doing good.
Please call or message us if you have any questions on the event, and we can't wait to see you on the 16th!

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