5 months?!!

5 months. That's how long it's been since I've written! We've been busy, and we don't have internet (or cable) right now . Blogging on my phone has never been a favorite for me. We have finished basketball, baseball, our first Foster placement with Jonah's Journey, kindergarten, a few more background spots ( Nashville, Music Videos, The Ryman, and a Netflix episode), and half of summer! I also flew down for a few days twice ( thanks southwest points) to Orlando in March & April to have a baby shower for my sister & see my nephew be born. I will try to add some photos at the end ;)

What made me think to blog today? Lucy. The main time when I blogged was during her NICU time. This is how friends & family kept up with her , knew how to pray ,& gave us encouragement . 4 1/2 years later I thought I was pretty well past any emotions. I haven't cried nor felt guilty in a long time. I still have a little voice in the back of my head sometimes that wants to worry about when she starts school , or that wonders about her when she plays by herself. But one of my biggest worries during those 8 weeks in the NICU was kids making fun of her . If we came out on the other side with disabilities or deformities or weaknesses, I knew that kids would be mean. I felt guilt then-- even before I had seen her-- that none of it was her fault. It was my body that failed. The thought of her getting hurt because of me , killed my heart.

But she's perfect! No more delays. She's on the charts. But she, as a cute 4 year old , made a comment Saturday morning. And I cried. And I've cried again because of it .
She couldn't get her shirt over her head. You wouldn't recognize it, mainly because her sister has a MELON, but her head is very long and from front to back is long also.
She came to me with her shirt stuck on her head and yelled ," My shirt is stuck! MY HEAD IS AS BIG AS A PUMPKIN! It's LIKE AN OVAL!!" I should have just laughed . But I cried and got upset,& all the emotions of kids making fun of her because of something she had no choice or control over came back. I know I'll be fine. And I know she will be fine . But I had a minute of NICU reminders . I'm so glad that we are 4.5 years past all that. I'm so glad that we can still help others in the NICU with hope and love. Lucy is still amazing, and we are so thankful for that!

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