Winner Winner !

{ I'm posting from my phone. Ugh. Forgive me if the pictures are off & if anything looks crazy.}
I'm hoping this doesn't ruin my streak ,especially before I go buy some power ball or megamillions tickets!  But I'm on a streak here y'all ! If someone on a blog or twitter or FB has a giveaway, I'm usually entering, sorry if it (especially the smocked stuff) clogs your newsfeed ;) I've won about 5 giveaways since November. No joke. I've entered more than that-- a lot of people had 12 days of giveaways during Christmas. I won $50 towards Shutterfly cards fromElizabeth at The Yancy Clan . Then once December rolled around, I won
on FB. Now, they got my address & said they'd send it.But haven't gotten it yet. Maybe Charlie ran out too fast! I posted on Facebook that I usually win 3 things if I win little giveaways,& just waited for the rest.  One day there was a pair of earrings I've been wanting, for like a good while. There's this show on lifetime that I watched--don't judge--called Pretty Wicked Moms. 2 of the girls run a store in Atlanta called Swank. Anyways, one of the giveaways had THE earrings those 2 moms always wore & sell. {look up Marcia Moran chandelier earrings}  I just knew I'd win them :/  That would have been amazing! But WSMV was giving away 2 tickets a day to The Sing Off concert, & I got the call that I won 2! Yay! Then I was on twitter late one night & saw that @thesamicone was giving away 2 $25 Build a Bear certificates, there was an hour left to enter. Guess who won?!? Landon has been begging to go, and he will be thrilled.
Then two nights ago I was on IG searching for #lularoe.
By the way, if you're in Nashville, search on Facebook for Lularoe by Brittany and book a party! Amazing leggings and skirts and dresses.
Well while I pulled up every picture, I saw some giveaways. One rep in Cali was (is for another hour) giving away some leggings, and another had posted that not many had entered her ( @lularoe_jill) skirt giveaway. So I did. My sister did also, because I had to @ 5 people, she got a notification ,& entered too. I told her she could have it if I won. I was putting the kids to bed and heard my phone ringing , and when I checked it I saw
There's one more that I won last week as well. It was more of writing an email & then 5 winners were picked. It's for a project I'm excited to be a part of & I might share later on.
Now, I need to go check all the blogs I read to see if there's anymore :) Let's hope the streak isn't over!

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