First dates

11 years (and a lot of pounds) ago tonight, Luke & I went on our first official date by ourselves. Well, that was OUR plan at least. I KNOW that our friends knew it was supposed to be a real date because they had been asking for weeks when we were going to go on one. But, as we started walking up to Opryland Hotel, they called my phone & said they had just parked ! Yep,they joined us on our first real 'date' ,& then we all went to Waffle House & another friend or 2 joined us.
I guess I never could have imagined all we would go through in the next 11 years. But here we are still together, driving towards Opryland hotel now. We are going to a movie first, and who knows if we will be awake enough to go look at lights after. We had planned to go every year, just us , on December 12th. Then we had kids (all within weeks of this day), we moved & moved again, and life has kept us busy.
We don't get the opportunity often to go out & leave the kids, so we are taking full advantage of our babysitter coming home for winter break!

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