I need some inspiration....

It's almost Halloween. Not only am I still slacking on making Ella & Lucy's costumes, I have no clue what Luke & I are going to be. He hasn't agreed to any of my ideas yet. I think I posted last year all of our previous costumes, but was looking through today & couldn't find it. I think I might have lost one year, and I can't remember what it was, but here are most of ours since we have been married:

One year we were Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. We looked better than the pics. Loved it.
One year we were CJ & Mitch from Baywatch:
A long time ago =) I was a Hooters' girl & Luke was Joe Dirt-- can't find that picture.
When I was pregnant with Landon, we were the couple off of Juno:

When I was pregnant with Lucy, about 6 months, I just accompanied the cutest football player ever:
Landon & I painted my belly that year, as well as when I was pregnant with Ella Ruth:
And since I'm posting old pictures, I need to throw in Landon's first year as Elvis:
And the kids as pirates:
And the  costumes from last year:
Landon painted up 2 times with no mask, and then had a mask another outing with no arm and leg paint =)

So, I've got the kids costumes decided for this year. I need a little help figuring out Luke and me. I just thought of something a little earlier , but throw out some suggestions in case Luke won't go with it!


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