Epcot and more rain

My babies and me waiting to eat.
After naps on Tuesday, we headed back out towards Epcot for an early dinner at the Coral Reef. This area is the Sea with Nemo and Friends, but was formerly The Living Seas. Remember on Full House when they all go to Disneyworld and stay in the most expensive resort? Even Kimmy & Steve go. Anyways, the tank where Jesse and Joey swim to do their radio show? That's where we ate dinner. And I thought of Full House the entire time we were there. There was even a group of people that came diving while we were eating.

Since we had the dining plan with a sit down meal a day, of course we got the most expensive thing at every meal. I got some Mahi Mahi, Landon also got mahi mahi with broccoli & mashed potatoes, and Luke got some steak, shrimp, and potatoes.
We did the Turtle Talk with Crush after dinner, rode the Nemo ride, and walked around just for a minute in the aquarium.

Lucy loved talking to the fish! Of course, it was POURING after this. We headed to the few things on that side of Epcot that Landon was tall enough for. We weren't too worried about doing everything here , and we were freezing. Luke bought some ponchos ( we meant to get them like 4 times before we left, make sure to always pack those for WDW), and we walked around The World Showcase until the laser show started. I totally remember liking this the 2 previous times I had been, but really did not enjoy it. There were even some older women behind me that said the same things, I told them I agreed, and I remember it being an actual laser show and liking it before. It finally quit raining, so we stayed for the extended hours.
We walked back around to the other side of the park, rode and played in Figment, rode the ball (Spaceship earth?), let Luke ride Mission space, and then headed back to the hotel. I rode Mission Space in 2003 when we went, and I thought I was going to die. I usually have a small blackout moment on most roller coasters anyways, but this was WAY worse. I hated it! THEN of course like 2 people died after that. Yes, they had heart conditions they didn't know about, and it complicated it or something, but I will never ride it again. Maybe I will ride the one without the G-forces , but Luke thinks it is the best ride he has ever been on.


This was part of Figment, or the sciene lab you get to play in after the ride. You stick your hands through the uprights, and whichever way you move them, it makes figment move that way & directs music. Lucy LOVED it, and continuted to move her hands around for the next few minutes after we left. Too cute!

Love this little dress on Lucy. Yes, I planned for her to wear it on the night we ate with the fishies ;) I'm turning into THAT mom.

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